Compass take Exhibitor Sponsorship at British Water ‘Data and Analytics’ conference

Compass Informatics works with selected UK water companies to deliver the Compass BIO biosolids operation, compliance and management platform.  workflow, compliance, sensor integration, GIS.   We will exhibit at the British Water conference “Data & Analytics: Unlocking value for the Water Industry“, and demonstrate our capabilities in analytics, statistical analysis, GIS, data strategy.


The millions of tonnes of biosolids generated in waste and waste water treatment plants and in other bio-wastes, including slurries, is a huge resource available for safe reuse in agriculture.  Concerns around compliance, and complexity in the multiple steps between plant and field and regulator make for complications however.  Web and mobile based software platforms, feed by sensor data, are now fundamental to such operations and have delivered significant benefits to operators.

Central to commercial and compliant operations is the use of these software platforms to integrate the various data feeds; to analyse, map, and guide the operations manager; to provide contractor access to key functions; and to generate reports and plans for internal purposes such as billing, and external regulatory bodies.

The Compass BIO platform is actively used in Severn Trent Water, and pending in other water companies. Volume is assessed via sensors at the plant; transport operations recorded via weighbridge feeds; samples taken and read from a LIMS; stockpiles created and spread managed – and importantly, biosolids recovered to thousands of farms; valuable income generated, and compliance delivered to Biosolids Assurance Schemes.  Compass BIO can be extended to farm slurries and bio wastes, providing a platform to create and track farm-level nutrient management plans which is central to cross-compliance, water resources protection, and farm payments.