Compass12 Conference – 13 September – Get Set, Go!


We are now ready to go for the annual conference of Compass Informatics – Compass12 – which will be attended by approximately 250 people across a wide range of organisations. This year, presentations and workshops will be held in two parallel streams throughout the day.

The conference keynote speaker is Tom Stafford, from the Environmental Protection Agency, looking at the challenges ahead for information management, information use, and GIS.

Further ‘future views’ are offered by Hugh Mangan, of Ordnance Survey of Ireland, and Koen Verbruggen, from Geological Survey of Ireland.

A further nine presentations will be made by Compass staff, their partner organisations and clients, in the areas of Enterprise Solutions, Planning, and Transportation. Seven ‘Rapid Fire Snapshot’ presentations will present a range of Compass products, services and solutions.

Surveying workshops will be held in both morning and afternoon sessions,  while a Data Discovery session in the afternoon covers an INSPIRE Directive update, spatial web services primer and presentation of the Irish Spatial Data Exchange (ISDE), which now forms the Irish national SDI portal, in accordance with the INSPIRE Directive.