Handheld’s CEO on Mobility Trends


Handheld’s CEO, Jerker Hellström, was recently asked to contribute his views on upcoming industry trends for an article on ICT predictions for 2013, which follow:

  • True mobility trend. We are going through a radical shift in the way people work and use computers. Increasing availability and affordability of wireless broadband is giving the global workforce true mobility, for the first time in history. Many of them will use mobile rugged computers for their everyday computing and communication needs, instead of traditional laptops.
  • A renewed focus on ‘total cost of ownership’ of mobile computers. Higher productivity, increased labor costs and a strong trends towards true mobility in the work place are all factors that have put the spotlight firmly on ‘total costs of ownership’ for computers and devices.  Organizations will have to start spending more on durable and reliable mobile computers rather than looking for bargains, if they want to avoid losing valuable productive time.
  • The emergence of Android as a valid operating system choice for mobile devices for enterprises. Android has taken the smartphone market by storm since its inception and is now maturing into a real valid option for enterprises, and is challenging Microsoft’s market leadership.

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