MicroSurvey free evaluation downloads

As part of our survey and field systems unit, we supply the full range of MicroSurvey software solutions. MicroSurvey have twenty five years of experience in developing complete software solutions for surveying and mapping. Land surveyors, construction professionals and civil engineers using total stations, GPS, and data collectors use MicroSurvey desktop and handheld software to increase efficiency and productivity.

We have now added the ability to download evaluation versions of all the software – so please try out the products and then contact us to place your order.

Combine purchase of software with our support bundles where you can buy support and training days, and of course our survey and ruggedised hardware.  Take advantage of the proven and expert one-stop-shop provided by Compass for your field survey requirements.

To discuss your requirements and to place an order please contact Louis Mullen, Survey Solutions Manager: lmullen@compass.ie, tel +353 1 2104580, mobile +353 86 880 0435.